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The Ultimate Light-Saber Combat Simulations

First Strike Light-saber Combat Simulations is a brand new concept in sports based martial arts training with a view to preparing for large scale light-saber battles which we aim to create.

It falls somewhere between martial arts, Light-saber based sports and immersive live action roleplay and is the perfect way for a Star Wars™ or martial arts enthusiast or a  fan to get involved in immersive training and combat scenarios, and have a great time in the process!

The inspiration for First Strike came from the Founding Masters who are themselves dedicated martial artists and avid  fans working in the events industry.

We felt that we could bring our knowledge of various forms of edged weapon based combat and also unarmed styles, tie them in with using a 360 degree edged laser sword and develop an art form in its own right, based on the seven known forms of existing light-saber combat.

The name was inspired by watching the series of Star Wars™ films as typically, in a light-saber battle, more often than not it’s the first significant strike that ends the combat and it seemed the obvious choice for us to use whilst developing a system.

As well as experience and knowledge in Japanese, Chinese and European Medieval martial arts, studies of books, martial artists and also the movies themselves inspired us to put our own spin on the seven forms used in the Star Wars™ Universe. First Strike Light-saber Combat simulations are not derived specifically from any single combat art but are more so numerous elements of lots of different weapons based styles, to make this a rounded art.

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