Which Path Will You Follow?

The Fallen

The Fallen are shadowy figures from various aspects of every society and race. They are often those who have chosen to turn from the light and follow a path of darkness based on rage, hatred and dominion over others.

Ruthless criminals, underworld bosses, Assassins for hire and Dark Bounty hunters and even fallen Guardians can join the ranks of the Fallen but those that do truly embrace the Darkside all share one thing…. an affinity with the darkness and a desire to rule….

Not necessarily inherently evil per se, the methods they employ to achieve their goals can often be seen as brutal and without mercy.

People join the ranks of the fallen for many reasons….

A desire to rule over others, rage at unfair treatment at the hands of the Guardians or just a desire to inflict carnage onto the weak and to watch the galaxy burn.

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