First Strike Light-saber Combat Galactic War Battle Simulation!


Galactic War is a different concept of First Strike event, designed to provide the ultimate Sci Fi Galactic live action roleplay experience in the universe!

The story so far….

The ranks of the Guardian enclave, led by Master Raanda Vonn have established a small camp on the outskirts of the capitals’ scrap market, Takadanarr, and have extended the hand of friendship to the Takadanarrian populace. Little do they know only days earlier, a darker influence took hold on Takadanarr, when the Sith Assassin, Sol Sadic and his enforcer, former Mandalorian Knight but now Fallen and intergalactic gangster, Bango Brutale landed, and are already making in roads within the planets underworld.

What we do…..

This is an immersive live action roleplay campaign, designed to be played over a single day or a full weekend, with a strong narrative with players taking a side, either the enlightened Jedi warriors of the Guardian Enclave, or the ferocious Acolytes of the Fallen or even neutral parties such as Galactic Smugglers and Bounty Hunters. Each instalment of the campaign narrative will be affected by the result of the previous mission, with further instalments to follow based on the results of the previous event, building the storyline as each event progresses.


Set initially on the forest planet of Takadanarr, both factions will be vying for a foothold in this outer rim world, rich with untapped resources. Each team will be given roleplay objectives with tasks to achieve, such as locate the communication beacon, obtain codes, trade spice for blueprints or capture the holocron, often resulting in small group combats and culminating in finale style battle.


It’s not just about dressing in the correct kit, but also about getting out and taking part in something cool which is fun in the fresh air, playing your part and immersing yourself in the role for the time you are with us. As well as living the dream for a day, it’s also a very social project with students from different Battle Ready schools meeting, chatting about our shared love of all things  and getting some extra practise in as well.

Guardian Warrior

These are the Guardians of the faith, dedicated to rooting out evil and opposing the plans of the ranks of the Fallen and their allies, the Imperial Army. Wielding Light-sabers as their primary weapons they are often highly proficient in hand to hand combat and eschue the use of ranged weapons in favour of closing down their opponents to inflict retribution face to face.

Fallen Acolyte

Either a Guardian fallen from grace or an acolyte of pure evil, The Fallen are skilled in many forms of hand to hand combat and unlike their counter parts, the Guardians, they are far less likely to attempt to take a prisoner or subdue an opponent when there is an opportunity to take the kill.

Imperial Trooper

These are highly trained operators with the most up to date armour and weaponry operating as part of large bodies of troops or small patrols. Despite being highly disciplined and trained, the use of their armour extends their longevity at the expense of accuracy.

Republic Soldier

The foot soldiers of the Jedi, the republic has a large standing army of volunteer soldiers. Reasonably well trained, their equipment is often lacking although what they lack in gear they make up with tenacity and a will to win.

Galactic Explorer

This is the catch all character class and a Galactic explorer typically wields ranged weapons and may well chose whichever side suits their needs at any given time. Whether a smuggler, rogue pilot or agent this role gives you the scope to decide on your own allegiance and back story and is one of the most exciting and flexible classes.

Bounty Hunter

Renowned and feared across the galaxy, the Bounty hunters answer only to the highest bidder and are prepared to take contracts from whoever is offering the highest reward – be that the Empire or the republic. Often ruthless, it’s rare for a Bounty Hunter to allow compassion to get in the way of earning some credits. They are well armed and often experienced, usually with some form of background in the military, having become disenchanted and looking out for themselves, which in a galaxy in turmoil, might not be such a bad idea.

Each instalment of Galactic War is natural progression of the narrative but the results of the operations are objective based and although we write the missions, the players play the game and the end result is down to each teams performance based across pre written and pre issued missions and intel.

What path will you follow?

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