First Strike Light-saber Combat Simulations ‘Battle ready’ classes

At First Strike Light-saber Combat Simulations, we are not only avid Star Wars™ fans, but we are also martial arts enthusiasts and we decided to put our passion and skills to some use and design the Shi-Chi Sutaru – The Seven Styles which form the Ato, or art as we shall call it, that make up our syllabus of Light-saber based combat arts.

Whether you are a valiant Jedi Guardian wannabe or a potential Fallen Sith Acolyte then look no further! Our Battle ready syllabus is not only designed to teach you the principles of using various forms of Light-saber combat – which is basically fighting with a 360-degree laser sword, but is also a progressive martial art in its own right. Whether you want to cross train and become a solid all-rounder, or become a specialist in a particular style, the choice is yours. All of the forms offer something different and regardless of your particular level of fitness or ability, there will be something for you.

Our version of the 7 forms are based across various weapons based martial arts and our instructors are credible martial artists in their own right, each of us a Style Master with a preferred specialisation and by training at regular classes and with seminars from other instructors we can teach you the basis of all 7 styles.

The purpose of the classes is to run a series of graded sessions with students attending achieving a high standard of combat skill and battle awareness and the outcome of which will not only be an improved battle simulation experience, but also a graded ‘obi system’ similar in essence to martial arts belt systems. Each grade represents a rank structure within the class, with the black obi being the senior grade. We want to recognise the efforts you make to get yourself Battle Ready!

What we teach is all tailored to improving your experience and we provide full honest feedback to all course students and more importantly, our courses are fun, so if there is a particular area of training you would like us to deliver to you please mention it to your club Sensei for more information.

To progress through the forms in the Shi-Chi Sutaru, you would need to train regularly if you are looking to grade at the end of a course, which is typically run in 10-12 week semesters with each semester culminating with a grading to check your knowledge on that semesters content and to see how ‘Battle Ready’ you are for the final form grading.

First strike rate card

First trial session is a fantastic £10 introductory price!

After attending a trial session, if you want to continue, you have a range of options available! We recommend you either pay as you go for the next 3-4 weeks or book a month up front then if you decide to continue, you can just stay as you are and pay as you go, or, to become a full member you will be required to pay an annual membership payment of £75 which will cover your insurance, include a club t shirt and your licence to train, your first belt (gray) and your Temple book. Only full members will be eligable for the grading process.

Once your licence fee is paid that also covers you for your next 4 sessions as well so no need to set up a payment plan for the first month once licenced! After that you can pay as you go weekly, monthly or or even annually but the choice of which plan is up to you. At first strike we are happy to offer our students different membership rates to encourage loyalty and enhance the chances of progression through regular training and have developed payment plans to account for every budget. The further in advance you pay for up front, the better value it is.


Rate card and session fees:

Single Session payment £13 per lesson.

Monthly payment £44 – works out at £11 per lesson.

Semester payment (4 monthly) £160  – works out at £10 per lesson.

Annually £450 – works out at £9 per lesson.


Private 1-2-1 lessons are available for £75 for an hour and make a great gift! Contact us for more information.


Open every wednesday evening at Bastion Temple, Gravesend


Bastion Temple, Elite Venue, Dunkirk close, Gravesend,
Kent , DA12 5ND



Wednesday @ Gravesend: 19:30 – 21:30

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