Forget about the usual paintball party shoot ‘em ups and step up your game! Treat your Stag, Hen, birthday or business group to a Sci fi based combat simulation! We can take you from Guardian initiate through to Knight, or if your leaning is of a more darker persuasion, perhaps even to Acolyte of the Fallen!

We run classes in light-saber techniques and will teach you the core techniques of light-saber combat to enable you to participate in a mini tournament within your group and team battles based around a points scoring system. This is not just waving plastic swords around however, as it’s a very physical activity and the strikes, although controlled, are still designed to make contact so although it’s unlikely you will have any genuine light-saber injuries, it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that you may pick up some lumps and bumps as in any martial art!

We will also lay on missions for your team to achieve, designed to generate mini battles and skirmishes with the other team, all based around achieving your teams objective such as secure the space station plans, upload the data plate or secure the holocrons. The team that has paid attention in the lessons will ultimately be the team that secures ultimate victory!

We will tailor the morning, afternoon, day or weekend to fit around what you want to do. From basic light-saber combat to all-out assaults with the dueling quality light-sabers, we will make sure you have an amazing time – in fact, we guarantee it! If you require the ‘Stag’ or birthday boy or girl to be ‘specially attired’ for the day I am sure we can meet your needs or ensure any ‘specialist kit’ you provide, is worn for the event! Once hostilities cease we can then sit around the camp fire and exchange war stories and compare light-saber strike marks over a few tinnies and a BBQ.

We have a fleet of top of the range light-sabers with durable high impact polymer blades, face protection and robes as part of the package.

How much does it cost?

Our private party rate can vary depending on group size and venue required. Our typical fee per head for a private party event is £75 per head. A minimum of 10 participants are required for private group sessions. If you can’t get ten people, as long as we hit our minimum of £750 for the group you can always spread the additional cost amongst yourselves and get a cracking themed day with us. It will be a great experience all round.

Sessions are typically run from 0930-1530 although let us know your requirements as we are happy to work around your needs.

Discounts may be available for event organisers and larger party groups. Details upon application.

What path will you follow?

Contact us now on 07949154040 to arrange the experience that you and your colleagues and mates will be talking about for years to come.

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