The various light-sabers we use & the ‘Kobura’

At First Strike Light-saber Combat Simulations, we use what represents a 360 degree edged laser sword, which can cut through anything, more commonly referred to as a light-saber – obviously real, working laser swords haven’t been invented yet, but the combat styles, also known as forms, have already been documented throughout history, so with a little imagination with regards to what these weapons are capable of achieving in battle, we can accurately portray Light-saber combat! The first strike is typically what ends a combat.

The weapons we use can be described as ‘duelling ready’ meaning that once battle is joined, we can simulate full on light-saber techniques, as laid down in the forms of the Shi-chi Sutaru without the worry of breaking your LED blade. We recommend the use of the heavy edge sabre blades which are more robust than the mid grade blades.

As experienced martial artists with years of weapons experience and hours of sparring under our belts, we looked at what was available for use and found several styles of combat ready light-sabers which were perfect for our art. We needed something that represented the art, was robust enough to be used in combat but safe enough for the users be that the deliverer and recipient of strikes or as the Japanese would say, the Tori or ‘attacker’ and Uke ‘receiver’.

A student may only begin learning a new form once they have at least completed the relevent gradings required to progress onto the next form, although opening up new forms to the student will also be at the discretion of the Founding Masters. If a student opts to also become an ‘Open tournament fighter’ or ‘Kobura’, then they are typically given additional training by the masters.

The duelling quality light-sabers we use are tried and tested by tournament light-saber combat academies worldwide, and are proven to fit the bill of what we needed.  The hilts of our light-sabers are designed to allow a good technical grip with a choke point near the emitter, whether used single or double handed, depending on the style you are studying. Hilts are typically weighted aluminium, with a durable high impact polycarbonate flexible blade with a rounded tip. Whilst still very capable of inflicting injury in combat, the blades are designed to minimise injuries on combatants and students studying the forms, whilst being a clear representation of a truly effective close combat weapon.

Students of the Shi-chi Sutaru start with a blue bladed light-saber, opening up other colours as they progress through the ranks and forms of combat. Once a student reaches the mid point grade of ‘Warrior’ they can then choose which force affiliation they will choose whether that’s the Guardians of the light or the Dark Acolytes of the Fallen. The colour of their blade will reflect the path they choose to follow. Only the Temple Champion may wield a purple blade, as is his right by trial by combat.




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